KPMF offer a range of superior quality calendered polymeric vinyl and aliphatic polyurethane functional films that are primarily used for protection purposes. T...View More
A variety of cast and calendered products suitable for all general signage applications. Luminescent, anti graffiti and step view products are also available for ...View More
KPMF offers a wide selection of Vehicle Wrapping System Films, that includes VWS I, II, III, IV and V. The full and extensive range of vehicle wrapping films cover eve...View More
A selection of photographs showing elements of the vehicle wrapping process using a variety of KPMF VWS products.
KPMF offers a variety of materials suitable for use on windows, doors and applications on glass. There are a etch glass type materials available in calendered p...View More
KPMF and our distributors attend various exhibitions throughout the world to promote the company and raise awareness of our products. Many exhibitions include vehicle...View More