Vehicle & Transport

KPMF produce a range of materials that cover all aspects of vehicle wrapping, vehicle protection and signage.

With a selection of general products ideal for graphics and decoration, a complete range of products specifically designed for vehicle wrapping, fluorescent products suitable for emergency vehicles, films that offer protection to paintwork and one way vision film for windows.

Vehicle Wrapping System

Vinyl films designed for complete or partial vehicle wraps. Includes a selection of materials suitable for a complete vehicle colour change, digital print, custom colours and innovative visual or textured special effects.

    Vehicle Protection

    KPMF offer a range of superior quality calendered polymeric vinyl functional films and premium aliphatic polyurethane films that are primarily used for protection purposes. Products have been developed for use in the automotive and other industries for kick tread and stoneguard applications...

      Emergency Vehicles

      Fluorescent vinyl films that provide high visibility and retained brightness.

        Decorative / Graphics

        A selection of vinyl films suitable for graphics, lettering and decorative applications. KPMF's decorative films include cast metallic films, cast glitter films, textured carbon fibre, etch glass effect films and a range of vehicle wrapping films that includes pearlescent and starlight fini...

          Vehicle Window Films

          One way vision films suitable for printing by a variety of methods including screen printing, electrostatic, thermal transfer and inkjet.


            Fluorescent cast vinyl films that provide high visibility and retained brightness.